New Site

6 Oct

Hey y’all –

 If you’re still coming here for your dose of youlookfiiine, head on over to to get your fill! Youlookfiiine is on to bigger and brighter things, starting with a big-girl website.




26 Sep

To all of my dear Youlookfiiine readers! In the next few days  Youlookfiiine will no longer include wordpress in the title. It will now be with a whole new and revamped look!! Yay! Small victory for the blog.

Dream Hair

26 Sep



24 Sep

Bag. It. Up.

Boots. Beauts.

Go grease lightnin'.

Up close and personal with Jack's mane.

His hair. LOOK AT JACK’S HAIR. I ditched my friends early to backtrack and ask Jack for his photograph. The boots and the ‘do were what excited me the most. Jack, a NSCAD student, was an awesome guy to stop. When I asked to describe his style he didn’t even need to THINK about his response – classic American and workwear are two things that dominate his style. Bam. I’m sold. I totally dig his new-age Grease Lightnin’ kinda look. Awesome, right? His Mother- WHO BY THE WAY IS THE CREATIVE DIRECTOR FOR JOE FRESH (!!!!!!!!) – has also served as a life long inspiration. No doubt Jack came outta’ the womb and into this world looking like a sweet million bucks.


23 Sep

Walk don’t run down to Grimsmo at 1533 Barrington Street. Seriously.

Opened by business partners (and maybe sisters?) Jessy and Rachael, you know this place is going to be truly amazing as it now occupies what used to be Junk & Foibles so many moons ago.  Jessy and Rachael were both working when my friend Katie and I stepped in. They were very welcoming, which I find rare in a store that sells such beautiful things, and something else I really appreciated was that they were wearing clothing sold in the store. Almost everything they had on I could find on a shelf. Which as a customer, I really appreciate. I see that they love and believe in their product and I also get to see how it looks on. And guys – let me tell you- it looks good. I’ll get to the clothing in a second – the interior of the store is absolutely beautiful. The floors are beautifully weathered, even the dressing room doors, door knobs and brushed gold latch-locks are enough to keep me coming back for more.

I loved Grimsmo because they have pieces for every occasion. Need a last minute outfit for an event? Grimsmo. An accessory to wear downtown? Grimsmo. A new funky-but-still-work-appropriate  piece? Grimsmo. Pieces from foreign and local designers alike hang from the walls of their wooden cabinets, tucked away waiting to be purchased and brought to a loving home. Beautiful pillows, hankies, and belts fill the open drawers of oversized wooden dressers. I wanted everything. It is such a great mix of classic and funky.

I will shop ANYWHERE that a cropped navajo inspired tee hangs beside the most beautifully demure brown v-neck cashmere sweater.

Variety people. It’s the spice of life and Grimsmo‘s got it.

I'll have one of each, please.

Beautiful clothing hangs patiently waiting to be taken to a loving home.


Wish List

23 Sep


Wish List

22 Sep

That skirt is on my WISH LIST. Big time. I’d also take a boob grab from Justin Timberlake. Sorry Dad.